Our main activities are the road- and civil engineering constructions as well as production of concrete, precast concrete and asphalt.

Main activities:

  • Construction of roads, parking areas and pavements
  • Construction of asphalt topping made by hand or machinery
  • Construction of water channels and trench-facing
  • Repairing of pot-holes by milling
  • Earthworks
  • Asphalt-milling
  • Paving
  • Road transportation
  • Cracking of construction waste (Asphalt, Concrete)

Production of asphalt, concrete and prefab-concrete

One of our main activities are the production and merchandising of ashalt, concrete and prefab-concrete with our own equipments of a Marini RS 1500 asphalt mixing plant and a SAE SAM 500 concrete mixing plant.

Road transportation, machinery rental

We provide road transportation with our own fleet, such as rental of construction machinery, like pavers, rollers or excavators.